For pressure washers and automatic parts washers. Get top cleaning performance while protecting your Hotsy equipment!
  • Hotsy detergents are formulated with Hotsy’s exclusive Advanced Formula HCC Additives that help dissolve and prevent scale build-up in pressure washers and components, thereby reducing costs and downtime.
  • Hotsy detergents are fully biodegradable, safe to use in the work place, and have no unpleasant odors. Many are scented with Hotsy “FRESH & CLEAN.”
  • Most Hotsy detergents are USDA approved. Many are approved by Canadian Agriculture as well. All are Kosher Certified.
  • OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Hotsy detergents and special products.
  • Hotsy detergents contain Hotsy’s full line of corrosion-inhibiting additives which help protect metal surfaces long after washing is completed.
  • Hotsy detergents provide more bang for the buck. Mixed with water in ratios of 75 to 1 to as much as 128 to 1, Hotsy detergents provide an economical yet effective cleaning solution.
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Product Description

For Vehicle washing

  • Blue Thunder

    - A general purpose detergent

  • Carbonate

    - Great engine degreaser, removes road film, great on tires and smoke trails.

  • Power-Shine

    - Excellent on road film and faded paint, leaves a shine.

  • Transport

    - Great detergent for washing buses, and semi trailers.


  • Ripper 1

    - Highly concentrated, non caustic degreaser.

  • Breakthrough

    - Excellent degreaser, gum and adhesive remover.

  • Ripper 2

    - Extra heavy duty degreaser. Do not use on aluminum, galvanized metal or painted surfaces.

Specialty Cleaning

  • Aluminum Brightener

    - Brightens aluminum trailers makes them look new again.

  • Polished Aluminum & Stainless Steel cleaner

    - Cleans polished aluminum and Stainless with out damaging the polish.

  • Miracle Wizz

    - Excellent remover of baked on carbon. Excellent on bake pans, stoves, and skillets.

  • Phosphatizer 2

    - A metal prep before painting etches the metal for paint to adhere.

  • 400 Wax-Protects the painted finish, sheets the water off, leaves less water spots when dry.

Powder Detergents
(Available in 25, 50,100 lbs. containers.)

  • TW 2
  • -Truck wash powder detergent

  • Hotsy Red
  • – Heavy duty truck wash detergent

Hotsy Bulk Pak
Save big bucks on detergent by buying Hotsy in Bulk! We’ll install a Hotsy BulkPak and plumb it directly to your pressure washer….no more messy detergent spilling… no more drum storage and disposal problems…no more fear of running out of detergent just when you need it most.